Account Termination Letter


Greg Richards

56, Green Hills Garden, Los Angles


8th July 2012

Subject: Account termination letter.

Dear Greg

I am writing this letter to inform that your savings bank account bearing customer number -76887645234856 has being terminated with effect from 5th July 2012.You were requested from our office thrice to submit us completed KYC (know your customer) application form with our bank which has now become mandatory as per the latest banking regulatory authority rules of our country. Unfortunately we were forced to take this strict action as you have failed to submit the KYC application despite repeated reminders from our side.

You are requested to withdraw all your remaining balance form our account so that the account termination procedure is completed. Now you do not have the option to revive this account as it has being terminated on permanent basis. However if you are interested in continuing banking operations with our bank then you should submit fresh  application for a new bank account by completing all the KYC formalities.

I would like to thank you for being a loyal customer of our bank for so many years. In case if you need any further information, you can contact the customer help desk during office working hours.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Gomes

Branch Manager

Peoples Bank Limited

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