Agreement Termination Letter


Paul Rutherford

35th Geraldine Drive,

Bristol, London,


15th May 2012

Subject: Intimation about the termination of agreement.

Respected Sir

I am writing to you in accordance with the end of agreement between us on 20th June 2012. Please consider this letter as a prior acknowledgement for the same. As we are moving to a new location soon, we are planning to vacate the building by respecting the agreement between us.

By valuing the agreement between us, we would like you to be present at the time of our vacating. Assessing the extent to which the property has been damaged (if any) would be done in your presence. So, please make yourself available.

I, personally, would like to express my happiness regarding my stay in your flat. Furthermore, I will be looking forward to associate with you regarding any similar agreement in case if there is any need in future.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Sinclair

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