Business Contract Termination Letter

The American Business Corporation Ltd

1208, World Trade Centre, New York 60810

Date 29 September 2010

M/s. Christopher & Co.,                                                                                                                     108, Central Avenue,                                                                                                                              New York NY 65401

Sub: Termination of Contract

This has reference to the contract between yourself and our organization in providing certain services to our organization during the last one year.

There has been a change in the total system for which your services are not suitable and required by us on and from 1st October 2010 in accordance with clause 2b of the contract agreement. Under the circumstances, this communication is to ask your men to leave and remove all the materials from the site you were posted to execute the services of contract forthwith not later than the evening of    1st October 2010 at your sole risk and cost.

We thank you for your business and the services rendered.  Please treat this as our notice to terminate the contract between ourselves on good terms ending 30th September 2010.  If you have any question about this contract termination, please contact us personally at our office with prior appointment.

Thank you.


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