Client Termination Letter


Solomon Baker,

Berkeley Customer Services Ltd.,

859, 5th Cross End,

Berkshire, UK

23rd March 2012.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Termination of client services

I am writing this letter to you with reference to our customer service contract. We deeply regret that our management has decided for the immediate termination of your contract with us. It is not that we have not found your services satisfactory. However, we are forced to take this decision because of the current market scenario. We cannot afford your services with these dwindling fortunes.

In the best interests of our employees and management, our organization has decided against your business interests with us. Also, we look forward to associate with you in the near future once there is betterment in the situation. We are hoping for a prosperous future to you and success in all your upcoming endeavors.

Please feel free to contact our HR department in case of any further clarifications.

Yours sincerely

Patrick Schiavone

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