Contract Termination Letter


10, Boulevard Street, DDCA ANNEXE Thompson Street, New York NY 78299

Mr Thomas Louis

101, Middleton Street

New York NY 65803

United States


My dear Louis

I must inform you with regret that your employment at Addison Systems Inc. will be terminated as of Thursday, 30th September 2010.

As you know, we had to perform downsizing in view of the organization’s present status and as per the task force recommendations with you being subjected to the same.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that in no way your termination reflects your performance and in fact, you were highly regarded as one of our most productive contract staffers.

The organization has worked out a severance arrangement equivalent to two months’ basic pay.  You will soon receive a letter from the Human Resources Department with all of the details on the severance package.

Louis, with your existing qualifications besides experience, I am sure you should be able to find a better position in the near future and we would be pleased to provide a commendation certificate to help you with your job search.


Richard Nixon

HR Manager

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