Employment Termination Letter

Date: 28/09/2010

To: Charles Dickon,

SS #124-48-6798,

Nicholson Road,

Birmingham BG76BP

We regret to inform you that your employment with Mary Bateman Ltd. shall be terminated by the closing hours of September 30th, 2010, for the under mentioned reasons:

1. Repeated lethargy despite repeated warnings, both verbal and written;
2. Unwarranted absences without prior sanction and without prior information;
3. Incapacity (or disinclination) to follow directions

Your dues, if any, shall be settled in accordance with company policy as applicable to everyone from time to time. I would also urge you that you either pay premium for the insurance or discontinue as you wish since the company shall not maintain insurance coverage for you beyond the date of termination.

Please arrange to return all the company’s property that is in your possession.

We regret the action initiated which we could not avoid


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