Layoff Termination Letter


Andrew Christ

Senior Marketing Manager

SRTZ InfoTech Solutions

45, Prince Charlie Street, Southern London


30th June, 2012

Subject: Layoff termination letter

Dear Andrew

I am feeling extremely sorry to inform you that you have been laid off from the post of Senior Marketing Manager effective from 1st August 2012.The management of our company was forced to take this unfortunate decision because the company is on a restructuring drive in order to improve its bottom line and is closing all its non core business areas resulting in massive layoffs of all its non performing staff. I have earlier intimated you to with reference to letter no 67/RT/11 to improve your performance.  Despite the warning you were not able to improve your performance as you have failed miserably in adding new client’s base to our company forcing us to take stringent action against you.

Your last official day in the office would on 30th July 2012 .You are requested to submit all the official documents such as cupboard key, identity card etc to the HR manager.

You will get two months extra salary as a compensatory benefit .Wish you all the best for your bright future.

Thanking you,

Steve Ballmer

Director (HR)

SRTZ InfoTech Solutions

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