Lease Termination Letter to Tenant


Ms. Gemmy Andrews,

#9, Eastbourne,

East Sussex,

London, BN22

Date : 15th October 2012

Subject : Letter for Termination of lease

Dear Ms. Gemmy,

I am writing this letter to notify you that I am terminating the lease agreement dated 14th October 2010 entered by you and me for leasing my premises bearing address #9, Eastbourne, East Sussex, London, BN22. As per the lease agreement I am free to terminate it with a notice of one month. I can provide you time till mid of November for you to look for a new premises.

I am sorry that I am asking you to vacate while we have had a great landlord and tenant relationship. The main reason for me to terminate this lease is due to the marriage of my son who will be occupying the said premises by end of November.

I hope I have given sufficient time to vacate the place which will also help you locate a new house within this time. I will repay the deposit given by you while taking the home when I inspect the premises and find it to be in proper condition.

I wish that you are able to find a suitable place soon.

Yours Truly,

Charles Babbage.

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