Lease Termination Letter


Paul Clifford

25th Devon Mansion,

East Circle, Oxfordshire,


15th May 2012

Subject: Intimation about the termination of lease agreement as of 20th June

Respected Sir

This is to convey you that the lease agreement, which has been officially drafted between us, is nearing end. Please be informed that the lease would become invalid after 20th June, 2012. We are open for another new agreement but I have already found a new source of stay. However, I take pleasure in informing you that I have enjoyed residing at your apartment all this while. As of now, I expect to vacate the building by the above-mentioned date with due respect to the agreement between us.

Furthermore, we request you to make yourself available to assess any property damage. I will be relocating to 347 Everton Mansion, Buckinghamshire, UK, after vacating. Please send any letters or notices in the future at the above mentioned address after 20th June, 2012.

Yours truly,

John Howard

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