Management Company Termination Letter


Mr., Harry Duval

Marketing Manager,

Global Forum Incorporate,

44, Harrington Street,

King’s Square,

London 22123

17th November, 2012

Sub: Performance evaluation and termination of services

Ref: Our Letter No. 1/ Termination/2

Dear Mr. Duval,

As per reference cited above, this is to inform you that your performance for the last quarter (August 2012 to October 2012) was extremely disappointing and not as per the standards. There have been five performance evaluations that have been submitted which have highlighted your incompetence as a marketing manager. The market sales have been down by 11% in the last three months alone. In addition to this, no significant effort was seen from your end to enhance your performance.

It has been pointed out several times, both through written memo and verbally, by the Managing Director, Mrs. Kendra, to improve on your performance. You have carelessly ignored most of your duties and cost the company $145,000 due to negligence in the last project (#4558).

Unfortunately we, at Global Forum Incorporates, do not have any place for such a liability. We regretfully inform you that the management team has decided to terminate your services, effective immediately.

We wish you good luck for your future.

Yours Sincerely,

Human Resources Department,

Global Forum Incorporate

Copy to: – Accounts Dept

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