Patient Termination Letter


Billy Bowden

44, Central Market, Northern London


8th July 2012

Sub – Patient termination letter.

Dear Mr. Billy

I am writing this letter to inform that your patient Name-Mike Slater, Age-79 years is admitted in the intensive care unit of our hospital. I am feeling very remorseful to state that your patient has being terminated for further treatment form our hospital because of his constant rude behavior with the hospital staff.

The management of hospital has already informed him several times to improve his behavior towards our attending staff. All the efforts have gone in vain as the patient continue to talk rudely with the staff of our hospital. It has become unbearable to keep such a violent patient in our hospital keeping in mind the safety of the patient of our hospital.

You are requested to shift your patient to other hospital before 15th July 2012 .I am enclosing the outstanding bill that needs to be paid inĀ  order to obtain the discharge certificate formĀ  the accounts department of our hospital.

Hope that you will cooperate with us.

Yours faithfully

Mac Christ

General Manager

Allied Healthcare Hospitals Private Limited

Enclosed- Final bill of the hospitalization and other charges.

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