Sample Contract Termination Letter

Excelsior Securities Ltd.

                        101, Express Building, Camlin Road, News York 12345

Mr Timothy Simpson,                                                                                                                         3421, Grand Street,                                                                                                                  Manchester MN76BP,                                                                                                                    United Kingdom

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms …

Subsequent to the discussion we had on 26th September 2010, I am sorry to inform you that the contractual agreement to develop application software for us stands terminated by 30th September 2010.

As already indicated, the people whom you deputed to work in our organization for the work contracted for, look to be uncultured as they have been picking up quarrel with our other officers and staff members in the department every day resulting in difficulties for our officers and staff members to work peacefully. This has been continuing unabated and repeated verbal and written warnings issued to them besides reporting the matter personally to you over phone a couple of times proved futile.

Therefore, please refund the amount paid to you by us as advance for developing the software forthwith and withdraw all your staff. We suffered damages caused due to unruly behaviour of your staff which needs to be replaced or suitably compensated.

Yours very truly

Adam Smith
Chief Executive Officer

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