Sample Termination Letter


1, Boulevard Street, XYZ ANNEXE Thomson Street, News York NY 78181

Ref.: ABCL/1/2010-11                                  September 27, 2010

Mr R Stevenson,

Accounts Asst.,

5, Cleveland Row

New York NY 6805

United States

Ms Stevenson

Sub: Termination of your employment

I regret to notify you of your dissatisfactory performance despite several guidance sessions with your section in charge for you to improve your work eminence to substantiate continued service with this organization. We worked out in various ways for you to develop your work skills to match our quality standards. However, it is observed that your work quality is still not compliant to the standards required of the position you were employed for.

Hence, I am left with no alternative except to do away with your employment with effective immediately. Please arrange to hand over the entire files, papers, CDs, etc. belonging to the organization and held in your custody to your section head to enable us us to process your settlement claim.

As per the terms of employment, you will be eligible to be paid till last day of your working in the organization along with claims, if any, unpaid.

Thank you for your association with us and wish you a good luck.

Yours truly


HR Manager

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