Termination Letter


Michael Cairns

Director (Sales Department)

PVC Dolomite Suppliers Limited

45, Newlands Street, Western London


8th July 2012

Subject: Contract Termination Letter

Dear Michael

I am writing this letter to inform you that the contract number 45/UDOL signed with your company has being terminated with effect from 4th July, 2012.The management of our company was forced to take this tough decision because of the poor quality of dolomite supplied from your company in the last couple of months. Reminder notice was sent to your quality management team twice from our behalf. Unfortunately the quality of dolomite kept on declining despite our constant reminders forcing the company to end contract agreements with your company.

Dolomite is a key raw material for production of steel and we cannot compromise on our quality of finished product. You are requested to send us the final bill which would be reimbursed from our accounts department in a reasonable period of time.

I would like to thank you for being our business partner for such a long time. If you have any queries regarding our decision then you should contact our office for further clarification during office working hours.

Thanking you,

Brett Petersen

General Manager (Purchase Department)

BCC Steel Corporation

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