Vendor Contract Termination Letter

Darwin Timothy Enterprise

           4321, Shakespeare Boulevard, Phillip Louis Annexe, Chicago Illinois

International Catering Service Inc.
1234 First Street
Suite 567, Chicago, Illinois 56732


Termination of Supply Contract

This refers to the contract we have entered among ourselves whereby you were to undertake to supply fresh vegetables and fruits as per indents placed by our purchase department.

There were provisions in the contract that any vegetable or fruit which were not found to be fresh or not conforming to quality standards laid down by us were subjected to outright rejection and you were to take back the stocks and any failure to do so will entail termination of the contract with maximum of 24 hours’ notice.

We have credible information that you were not only failing to take back the rejected vegetables/fruits allowing them to rot in our premises, the quality and freshness of the vegetables/orders too were found to be deviating from the standards acceptable to us.

Therefore, take notice that the contract between us stands terminated with immediate effect and you should stop supplying any material forthwith.

Very truly yours

Materials Manager

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